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Every wallpaper tells a story. Starting from the raw materials, we embody the light and water, as well as art forms, to create pieces that capture the beauty of nature and incorporate traditional and contemporary into the most exquisite handmade wallpaper available.

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Genuine metal is applied in liquid form in a delicate and entirely manual application process. Sanded and polished, it forms a genuine, flexible metal skin on the wallpaper surface. The texture of the base paper is stunningly replicated in real metal. Similarly, this effect can be achieved in overlapping layers of different metal colors or simply form a base layer on which hand-paintings, screen printing and other manual ennobling techniques can be performed.

The liquid metal is much thicker and more solid than metal leaf. However, both can be combined to form surprising and beautiful designs. Colors of the liquid metal are natural colors of the specific metal used - white bronze, gold bronze, white gold, or other metal alloys.

Each piece of the RUDA wallpaper collection is individually conceptualized and crafted on genuine metal. Bendable and light, each one is made in an intimate interplay with gold, silver and copper leaves as well as with metal pigments. We transform a creative vision into a new tactile and visual sensation of handcrafted wallpaper.

RUDA, the Serbian word for ore, is not only the name of our new collection but also stands for our brave attempt to make a leap from just metallic to real metal in the context of custom wallpaper.

We drive our inspiration from nature and art and, mixing it with our authentic approach to the craft, we are allowed to dream and create emotions.


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