Created through repetition of small hand-drawn irregular lines on a hand-textured surface covered in gold Dutch Metal. The play of soft beige lines and shadows on the metal, created by the linear structure below, gives us a different spark of life every day.


  • Fleece wallpaper. The basic material of the non-woven wallpaper consists of cellulose and textile fibers
  • Wallpaper width is 75 cm
  • Hand textured color
  • Hand-applied golden Dutch metal, usually made of 85% copper and 15% zinc
  • Hand-drawn and handprinted lines in light beige color, which can also appear gray depending on the viewing angle

Handcrafted wall coverings are all unique.
Deviations in the product are to be expected and do not
constitute defects.

Price (excl. local taxes):
105€ / m2


*Since the width of the wallpaper is 75cm, the ordered width is rounded to the full width of the roll (75cm, 150cm, 225cm, etc.)

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