Handcrafted Wallcoverings and Textiles

Sense the Uniqueness

Vilenica Studio is devoted to handcrafted wallpapers and textiles.

We create bespoke environments to revitalize and inspire our everyday lives.


Our wallpapers are entirely handcrafted and completely personalized for each and every project.


Unique handmade patterns and embroidery that radiate individuality.

Aura Collection

Wallpaper Online Store.

In order to create more environments through our love of quality, crafts that have a story to tell and a wish to ennoble any home without extensive planning, we decided to offer six designs in our new web shop over the next six months.

RUDA Collection

Each piece of this wallpaper collection is individually conceptualized and handcrafted on genuine metal.


The perfect way to treat yourself to a wonderful hands-on creative experience!

Everyone is welcome in our relaxed and artistic environment, from complete beginners to artists, designers, and creatives from all walks of life.