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Aura collection represents movement, our mental agility, and freedom to fly through the air.

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With this collection, we wanted to deepen the awareness of the moment of transience during the creative process and share with you the consequent feeling of wholeness that adds a tactile dimension to a contemplative way of life.

The creation of these designs is based on the observation of air movement as well as the study of art that deals with the subject of value of attention.

We focus on the moments of change caused by the lightness of wind and pass on that stroke of air through hand movements creating textures and subtle variations of color.

Vilenica Studio's “Aura” collection was born out of the idea of the feeling of mindfulness being applied as much as possible in our daily life.
In order to create more environments through our love of quality, crafts that have a story to tell and a wish to ennoble any home without extensive planning, we decided to offer six designs in our new web shop over the next six months.

Each color scheme from the Aura collection brings a key element of our inner essence into the home, the fundamental aspects that move and influence us and connect us with the cycle of balance through warm gray as well as sincerity through pearl color.
Golden details shine vividly and reflect the movement which gives us different sparkling moments day after day.

AURA cushions

Linen cushions covers are designed and then hand printed to reflect and follow every design in the Aura wallpaper collection.

AURA wallpapers come in a box handcrafted by a local bookbinder. Each box is made of heavyweight card and covered in fleece wallpaper with a sparkling touch.