I’ve been in touch with textile and design in general for almost 18 years while I started my career as an independent designer back in 2014. Vilenica Studio is the right step in my desire to dedicate myself to custom and handmade design.
The fantastic possibilities and excitement that handmade design and traditional craftsmanship bring I had a chance to explore during my studies back in late 2000´s. But the strongest emotion that was provoked in me was actually a mix of commercial and artistic approach in handling textile. As a member of a family with strong engineering roots, I could not help but choose a rather rational approach, therefore, with an idea of learning how “to work” I decided to move to Germany (where else could you learn it better?) and it turned out to be a great step.
I spent a year as a visiting student at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (there must be a touch of art after all). Afterwards I started working for a well-known company Rasch Textil, as an intern at the beginning and soon as a full-time designer of textile wallpapers. This was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for me to learn more about different markets all over the world and to see firsthand how to organize mass production workflow.
After a few years of an emotional battle between artistic and commercial design, I´ve decided to become an independent designer and to finally mix my true loves – art and applied art.
The list of companies that have chosen my designs so far includes Villeroy & Boch (DE), Tessile di Nole (IT), Steuler Fliesen (DE), Van Clewe (DE), Fine Decor (UK), Mir Oboev (RU), Giber (IT)…
Dedication to custom and handmade designs as an independent designer